Product information

【AEP・Automatic Excretion Processor to promote self –reliance of physically challenged】

← 『AEP』

Excretion is something that everybody faces in caretaking.

This nursing bed with an automatic excretion processor was made thinking seriously to embody how people can excrete by themselves every day.

We don’t want people to say “I can’t go to a toilet because I’m bed-ridden or I can’t excrete by mself”.  We created this bed to maintain a posture so that a rectum and an anus are on the same line as much as possible and install the excreting processor right below so that people can do whatever they can do on the bed at night. After processing itself, the device air-dries itself and keeps clean an anal area.

【AEP・Other products】

【MAX・A high-floored nursing bed to lessen a care-taker’s back pain】


【TAISコード・01753 – 000001】

MAX, a high-floored nursing bed for nursing facilities and overseas markets, is adjustable structure in which the height can be changed up to 900mm so that a care-taker can work with a posture of smaller burden to his/her backs.


It also secures a foot space of 280mm from the bottom of a frame to a floor so that a nursing lift or legs of a side table can be put away easily.

← 『MAX』

【Sylph・a sleep-inducing robot to draw out the maximum self-healing properties】

← 『Sylph』

【TAISコード・01753 – 000003】

High-quality sleeping is best to promote the operation of the autonomic nerve and draw out maximum Sylph-healing properties. Such an idea is, as you know, widespread across boundaries of healthcare, nursing care and relaxation. “Sleeping” is directly connected to people’s mental and physical health.


“Sylph”, a cradle for adults is the best item to spend days in “neutral”.


​It also is expected to have relaxing effects in a short period of time. So if you become “neutral” with the “Sylph” before working, it makes you increase concentration. 


​Sylph has new function of swing along with heartrate adding stimulus of fluctuation. We have embodied aims to support the basics of sleeping and created this sleep-inducing robot “Sylph”.

【Slider・a mattress with pressure-alleviating function】


【TAISコード・01753 – 000002】


Pressure is applied to an abdominal area when a user sits up on a nursing bed.

Abdominal pressure tends to be overlooked, but we often hear that users don’t want to feel the pressure every time they transfer from a bed because it’s uncomfortable.

Slider, a mattress with pressure-alleviating function which was created with our special structure lessons such worries.